Brand Story


ProFound(the brand of JILLite Inc.,) as we proudly unveil a series of beautiful broadcasting lights and its accessories for professionals, develops product achieving/ delivering not only the exceptional performance but the best ergonomics as well.

Our History

Since 2002

It hasn't been that long since we started a broadcast lighting business.
We have never been born to manufacture commercial products.
We pursue works that are different from what make them look plausible and mislead consumers.
We are constantly advancing to create something great that are highly complete and beautiful than any other products.
We are taking a new path by researching and developing even today for the essence of the product that the more you use it, the more you feel its value.

Our Products

ProFound Products Line-up

A superior uniformed light source suitable for a wide variety of scenes where color temperature, soft lighting field and output are critical.

Ultra high CRI Power LED module with variable 17~60 degrees beam angle, continuously tunable from 2,800K to 6,500K

ProFlex can be folded without any effort and so be easily attached or hung almost anywhere

The newest flexible light, EzFlex can be bended or rolled up with flexibility and has a sturdy character with light weight

The carefully engineered design not only looks beautiful but also brilliantly extends flexibility of fixtures it connects with, allowing lighting technicians to fully control them with a prompt and accurate manner.

While this sturdy light panel shares the key feature with its bigger sibling: flexibility, PanFlex sports more constant bending either inward or outward thanks to the transparent rubber lamination applied on the surface.

The newest light sources boasts a superior light quality with the CRI rating of 97 throughout the range from 2800K to 6500K , with a seamless, completely flicker free dimming control

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